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Rs 1000 / Year

Best for single page website.
  • Website 1
  • Storage 3GB
  • Traffic 3000/Month
  • Email 1
  • Database 0
  • Backup Manual
  • SSL 1
  • Security Moderate
  • Uptime 99%
  • Support 24x7


Rs 1499 / Year

Best for business portfolio website 
  • Website 1
  • Storage 60GB
  • Traffic 5000/Month
  • Email 2
  • Database 1
  • Sub Domain 1
  • SSL 1
  • Backup Montholy
  • Security Moderate
  • Software Yes
  • Uptime 99%
  • Support 27x7


Rs 2868 / Year

Best for high level projects
  • Website 2
  • Storage 120GB
  • Traffic 10000/Month
  • Email 4
  • Database 2
  • Sub Domain 2
  • SSL 1
  • Backup Weekly
  • Security High
  • Software Yes
  • Uptime 99%
  • Support 27x7


Rs 4668 / Year

This is best for big scale businesses .
  • Website 100
  • Storage 280GB
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Email 100
  • Database 100
  • Sub Domain 100
  • SSL 1
  • Backup Daily
  • Security High
  • Software Yes
  • Uptime 99%
  • Support 24x7

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SSD Drive
Free Backup
Web Builder

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Get Your Website Online In Three Easy Steps


Step 1: Choose A Web Hosting Plan in India

Select the right website hosting plan for your business. Need help? Get in touch with our hosting experts at support@hostonik.in


Step 2: Add Your Domain Names

Add your domain name of your business that is simple, and memorable.


Step 3: Upload Your Website Files

Upload your files or create a new website using a CMS like WordPress. Simply modify your domain name servers to get your site online.


Answers To Some Common Questions

Web hosting refers to the service of providing storage space and access to websites on the internet. When you create a website, all the files, images, and code that make up the website need to be stored somewhere so that people can access them on the internet.
Getting started with the Hostonik web hosting plan is as easy as 1,2,3! Literally, in just three steps you can get started on your online journey, all you need to do is: Choose a web hosting plan that best suits your needs Pick a suitable domain name Upload your website files or start building a new website
The web hosting industry is crowded, but not everyone is in it for the same reason. Hostonik is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses grow, and thus all web hosting plans, tools, and services are specially tailored to help customers succeed. The 24X7 support by experts via phone, chat and email is just one of the many ways Hostonik works towards providing one of the very best domain and website hosting services. Each hosting plan and service has been carefully put together, keeping in mind the needs of the customers and how it will help them grow with the Hostonik Advantage powering them on.
When you’re ready to get online and get started with creating a digital presence for your brand, buy web hosting and other services from Hostonik. You can get domain registration from Hostonik as well and also buy added security features and business email plans to build a secure and diverse digital footprint. Buy web hosting plans and services from Hostonik when you’re all set to go live and present yourself to your online audience.
Over the years Hostonik has established itself as a trusted web hosting service provider. With years of experience and a large pool of happy customers, Hostonik brings multiple benefits to all its customers. Apart from various web hosting and domain hosting plans that are tailored to help you grow, you also benefit from: 24X7 Support via phone, chat and email. 99.9% Uptime 45 days money-back guarantee Affordable and attractive web hosting and domain hosting packages Expert help … and a lot more!
Anyone and any business that wants to get online and grow online can benefit from Hostonik. Suppose, you’re just getting started or revamping your online presence, and you’re a small, or medium-sized business, or a blogger. In that case, Hostonik helps you and allows you to get online and make the most of it with a wide range of domain and web hosting services in India . Purchase Hosting from us, and get the tools, support and all the necessary features that can help you create an impactful online presence.

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